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Vikram Rudraraju is a cop in the Telangana CID, where he works in the Homicide Intervention Team HIT, and is sharp person

who solves crucial cases with his ability to capture even the smallest of details, thus earning the trust of his senior Viswanath. He is in love with Neha, his colleague and a forensic official.

Rohit is Vikram's close friend and his colleague, who accompanies him in most of his cases. Vikram is constantly in an argument with Abhilash

another officer, who crosses lines with Vikram. Vikram occasionally suffers from PTSD due to his past experience and refuses to take pills as he believes it slows down his abilities.

Meanwhile, a girl named Preethi is driving on the highway, and her car stops to the side because it suffers a malfunction. Officer Ibrahim, stops to help her, and she calls her father since she forgot her phone at her home.

When her father comes to pick her up, he sees that she has gone missing and Ibrahim says that she got into a blue car and he thought it was his car.