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Akshay please scream louder than that uncomfortable car scene if someone is forcing you to do these films.

Because no other explanation can defend these choices with no substance and a boring fanfare that lead to nothing. How many more duds till we finally get a good one, Mr. Khiladi?

But of course, he isn’t at fault entirely because there are more people equipped by a producer who kind of believe in this Tinkle comic of a film.

Dialogue and Screenplay by Aseem Arora or the loopholes in it make Cuttputlli a supremely tiring watch. Said to be an unofficial remake of Ratsasan

I haven’t seen the original so won’t draw comparisons. But if that one was similar, I am more curious to know,

that no one stopped people from investing money in this paper-thin script for the second time. There is convenience, lethargy, and amateur filmmaking written all over this film.