Instaup Latest Update 11.8 Download | Free instagram Followers & Likes.

Insatup Lates version 11.8

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Here is the lates version of Insatup 11.8

This update is very useful for all Insatup user some big bug fixed by Insatup
Also here is a new feature called [ Baham Giftcard ] This is very uniq feature this feature help you to transfer your instaup coin to another account

You want send some coin to your friend, your girlfriend so don’t worry instaup 11.8 has a option to share your coin to another account

HOW Bahamas Giftcard is work??

THIS is very uniq feature first your collect so much coin in instaup then you go to Bahamas Giftcard option here is so many options likes purchases Giftcard using instaup coin
You buy a giftcode spending your instaup coin thne you share your giftcode to your friend
And he use this Giftcard and collect all coin his account

What is instaup??

Instaup is a social site app this is very useful for all Instagram user
Insatup increase your lots of followers without any following also without login real account

So guys you use this wonderful application for increasing your followers

How to use instaup??

Guys instaup is very simple app for all generation this is very simple and sweet app size is only 6 Mb so all phone supported app

First of all you download this application link is here


When you download you open this this is a login page like Instagram browser page
You use a fake account for login because we always want gain followers without any following so carefully use alswasy a fake account for login

It’s login time

When you login it give you 50 free credit for first rejection

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You use this credit for gaining your real account followers

Guys you login here is to many options like


Also here is a auto coin option
So you start ganing coin for click auto coin option you click here it start your work and gain so much coin free

Here you add 5 fake account it gain your coin very fast

When you increase so much coin you click 3 dott option
Here is so much option Like

Order Likes
Order Followers
Order comments

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Also check order history is here you click order followers option when you click you see a box on top search for other options you click here and write your real account user when you type your account is show in bottom you select your account and click conform and send option
Here is instaup Rate how much followers you need selecte your rate

Ex.. I want 10 followers then I section 40 coin option

First you select your followers amount and click conform order

Your order is successfully placed

You click 3 dott and go chcek order option
Here is your order history
You track here how much followers you receive how much is pending

Insatup is a very simple and powerful application
This application increase your so much followers
So I recommend You also use this application and increase lotus of Instagram Real Followers and Likes or comments

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